Project Update 2020-09-10

RAPID CITY, S.D. – September 10, 2020 – There were no construction activities Tuesday due to the amount of precipitation received. Finish grading will continue this week from Jasmine Lane toward Norseman Lane. Gravel placement will continue this week moving west toward Norseman Lane. Storm sewer installation also continues near Norseman Lane. There is a possibility of curb and gutter installation later this week from Clarkson to Spring Canyon Trail and concrete fillets at Albertta, both dependent on weather.

Traffic delays are anticipated to remain approximately 15 minutes during daylight hours as traffic is reduced to a single lane and guided through the work zone with the use of flaggers and a pilot car. Plan accordingly and add 15 minutes, at a minimum, to travel schedules. The pilot car will accommodate school buses to minimalize delays and bus stop locations will be maintained to assure safety of the students. In an effort to maintain the construction schedule and timely completion of the project, work hours will continue to be daylight hours until winter shutdown.

Through traffic is advised to consider an alternate route. The speed limit is 35 mph from Albertta Drive to Victoria Lake Road. Motorists are asked to be aware of suddenly slowing and merging traffic, changing work zone locations, reduced speeds through the work zone, and construction workers and equipment adjacent to the driving lanes.

Sheridan Lake Road Near Jasmine Lane 2020-09-08

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