Project Update 2020-06-08

RAPID CITY, S.D. – June 8, 2020 – Traffic delays are 15 minutes during daylight hours, when traffic is reduced to a single lane and guided through the work zone with the use of flaggers and a pilot car. At night there will be two-way traffic. The speed limit is 35 mph from Albertta Drive to Victoria Lake Road.

Cold milling is complete for the current work area.

Storm sewer crews will begin later this week at Albertta Drive.

Utility relocation activities continue to progress along Sheridan Lake from Clarkson Road to Norseman Lane.

Tree removals and cleanup will continue this week along Sheridan Lake Road.

Motorists are asked to be aware of suddenly slowing and merging traffic, changing work zone locations, reduced speeds through the work zone, and construction workers and equipment adjacent to the driving lanes. Additional information will be provided as phasing, access, and traffic control changes with the progression of the project.


  1. Just an observation about the after-hours speed limits. Yesterday, Sunday, it was hot and dry. People were driving considerably faster than 35. The dust in the air was so thick it was hard to see the trees at the top of the neighborhood.

    It would be nice on days when no work is going on to have a water truck spray the road every couple of hours. Increased law enforcement presence would slow people down as well.


    1. Thank you for bringing the speeding and dust control issues to our attention. We will forward your concern about speeding to the Rapid City Police Department. The SD DOT and contractor have responded that they will step up efforts to provide dust control during working hours and also on the weekends. Thanks again and have a great day.


    1. Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. There will be a story map posted soon, which combines geospatial data with the construction plans showing the project extent, with the ability to zoom into any area within the project limits for more detailed information, such as center lines. We will post on this website, through email, and on twitter when story map is live. Thanks again and have a great day.


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